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Our overall objective is sub-summed in our core areas of business and expertise. These are as follows:

Evitech Engineering understands that finding solutions to any problem must as a matter of course begin with research whether in the form of observation, study, experience or practice. We research into Agro-industrial machines/plants using a combination of these methods. This had led us to resounding successes in modifying and thereby improving on existing Agro-Industrial machines/plants for optimum performance. Also, being consultants in Agro-Industrial Engineering, we undertake research in this sphere on behalf of clients to find mechanical/technological solutions to their problems.

Evitech Engineering undertakes design of both simple and complex Agro-Industrial machines/plants. This flows naturally from our ability in in-depth research. We have successfully modified the existing designs of our clients and other observers. We also undertake the design and planning of factory layouts and Agro-Irrigation schemes.

At Evitech Engineering, fabrication of Agro-Industrial machines takes a new dimension as every of our fabricated products are designed for optimum performance and highly tropicalised. We design and fabricate personalized Agro-Industrial machines to meet the individual needs of each client without sacrificing durability which is one of our core values.

Evitech Engineering installs Agro-Industrial machines for client both the ones designed and fabricated by us and the ones imported from other countries. Achieving same, functional installation is the driving force behind our expertise in this regard.

Periodic Servicing/After Sales Servicing
Our expertise in this regard comes from our all-encompassing knowledge of the Agro-Industrial machines that we research into, design, fabricate, and install for clients. Also, as well trained engineers and experts in Agro-Industrial technology, we effectively carry out periodic servicing for all types of Agro-Industrial machines.

Personnel Training
Evitech Engineering not only design, fabricate and install Agro-Industrial machines. We also organize and facilitate training programs for technical personnel in Agro-Industrial factories and plants. This provides our clients wit adequate operating personnel in their factories and plants.

Factory Layout/Planning and Building
Evitech Engineering being an all out Agro-Industrial Engineering Company, also undertake the planning, design, and building of every type of Agro-Industrial factory or plant. Here, our designs intertwine functionality, durability, and convenience using every available space and material to build and achieve a standardized factory or plant that lives ample room for expansion without the burden of ‘reinventing the wheel.’

Agro-Irrigation Consultancy
Irrigation is an allied branch of the Agro-Industrial Sector. Evitech Engineering has acquired expertise in this area too. We consult to clients who make use of irrigation for crop growing and fishery purposes be it in small, medium or large scale farming.

We design and fabricate unparalled agricultural machines that impact lives and empower communities. >>read more
A couple of projects executed accross several communities within Nigeria;and still counting
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Our projects are handled with utmost professionalism that exceeds clients' expectations.
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Perhaps our greatest fulfilment is the impact our machines make in the community where they are installed; and the higher market value their products enjoy.
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